helping creative teams work together

Talented people make great teams, with the potential to create fantastic games, websites, print, ads, movies, services and more. But working together isn't always easy, and communication - especially when you're busy - can be hard to get right. At talk management we are here to help


Managing people can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also be challenging. We're here to listen, and suggest strategies and processes for managers to try

goal setting

You and your team are on a journey together. We can help everyone understand where you're going, why you're doing it, and how they are part of making it happen


There is a wealth of communication systems available to the modern team. We'll help you learn how to put them to best use, and the value of remembering to talk


Involving the team in the planning process can reap huge rewards as your project progresses. Learn how a collaborative mindset can help you be a better manager


Keeping your team engaged, happy, motivated and moving forward together is key management skill. Let's talk about how to do that, in easy to implement ways

policies & processes

Making sure you have the right policies and processes in place can help keep a team on track. We can help you work out what you need - and how to roll it out


With over 25 years’ experience of managing creative teams across the videogame and magazine sectors, talk management¬†lead consultant Caspar Field has delivered multiple high-quality projects on time, on budget. His goal is always to end projects with the team feeling happy, productive, and ready to take on a fresh challenge. He has worked in management positions at multinational organisations such as Future Publishing and Eidos Interactive, as well as in SMEs, and has extensive start-up experience. He has run productions for major clients including Sony, Microsoft and Disney.

Between 2012-2019, Caspar was CEO of Brighton-based game development company Wish Studios, which he and his co-founders grew to 35 staff. Wish worked primarily with Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe creating original games for PlayStation 4. Under his leadership, the company won a ‘Best Places to Work’ award in 2017 and 2018. Caspar is also a BAFTA member and six-time Games Awards judge, and has deep knowledge of the videogame sector, including Video Games Tax Relief.

how we start working together

We have a clear process for beginning a working relationship, and like everything we do, it is built on group conversation and communication
1 | start the conversation

1 | start the conversation

No obligation, no hard sell. Let's have a call or a coffee and find out if talk can help

2 | objectives and stakeholders

2 | objectives and stakeholders

Let's discuss the issues, meet the team, work out who needs to be involved, and set some goals

3 | brainstorm with the team

3 | brainstorm with the team

Great solutions will come from the people on your team, working together to solve problems

let's talk

talk management is based in Brighton, one of the UK's hottest spots for creative companies. We're regularly in London, and happy to travel to the rest of the UK's amazing creative hubs

Wherever you are, we'd love to talk about how we might help you

Our initial conversation will always be free and under no obligation - let's get a dialogue started and see if there's a way for talk to help

Caspar Field

caspar [at] talk [dot] management